Whether it’s winter or summer, every day is a great day to enjoy some of the best coffee shops in Geneva, NY. Each coffee shop is unique from another in what they serve and the cozy atmospheres, and they’re perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a quiet lunch. Some of the best coffee shops in Geneva, NY, are just minutes away from Belhurst Castle, so you can head right from your guest room to get some delicious java to start your day off right. We created a guide to the top coffee shops in Geneva, NY, so that you can make sure you’re getting the best of the best!

The Top Coffee Shops in Geneva, NY

Pair a delightful breakfast or lunch with your favorite caffeinated drink at one of the best coffee shops in Geneva, NY. Whether you’re looking for some alone time or you want to enjoy a cup of joe with friends and family, the coffee shops in the area are some of the best places to be! Continue reading to learn more about the top three coffee shops in Geneva, NY.

Monaco’s Coffee

This quaint coffee shop, which opened in 2017, is known for its uniquely flavored coffee. Enjoy flavors like lavender, honey, and maple, as well as a variety of cappuccinos, lattes, and teas. Aside from coffee, you can find some of your favorite breakfast items like breakfast sandwiches, toast, and fresh-baked goods. Make it your first stop in the morning and start your day feeling full and refreshed!


Java44 has a passion for, well, java. The rich flavor of their coffee reels in locals and visitors alike for all java-related wants and needs. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a delicious cold drink that you can’t find anywhere else. Please your sweet tooth and try out a specialty drink, like a chocolate peanut butter frappe, a Snickers mocha frappe, or your usual favorite coffee drink. You don’t want to miss out on the delicious tastes that Java44 provides!

The Best Finger Lakes Hotel

Located a few minutes away from the best coffee shops in Geneva, NY, you’ll find Belhurst Castle – the Photo of Belhurst Castleplace that visitors can’t get enough of. Fall in love with our beautiful castle-style hotel and enjoy a peaceful weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not only do we have lovely guest suites for our visitors, but we also have three different restaurants, a winery, and a relaxing salon and spa. To book with us, call 315-781-0201.