Spa~Salon News

August 01, 2013

Rejuvenate: To make young or youthful again; to give new vigor – Merriam Webster

As we finally transition into the time of year we all love and have waited for ... Spring and Summer, let's take a moment to renew our mind, body and spirit. Isabella Spa~Salon awaits to take you there.

After a long winter of cold weather, dry indoor heat and bitter winds, Isabella can help restore your hair, skin and nails to its healthy glow! Immerse yourself into the lush treatments that we have to offer. Many of our rich products contain Resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant is found in the skin of red grapes and pomegranates and promotes anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. A new study in the journal Science has supported research that Resveratrol may protect against age related diseases because it turns on a gene that recharges mitochondria. These are powerhouses that re-charge our cells. So soak up the benefits of this plentiful fruit and Let Us Welcome You Into The World of Isabella!