Belhurst Wines Win at American Wine Society & Jefferson Cup Competitions

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 8, 2015 (Geneva, New York) - Belhurst Estate Winery president Duane Reeder is excited to announce the wining of eleven wine medals at two recent wine competitions.

The American Wine Society wine competition has been held annual since 1986. Proceeds of this competition go towards college-level wine research scholarships. Judges are selected from a broad spectrum of industry professionals, and also include graduates of the American Wine Society Judge Certification program. All wines are judged blindly. Results below.

American Wine Society

Dry Riesling 2014 – Double Gold

Pinot Noir 2013 – Silver

Merlot Traditions ’13 – Silver

Chardonnay 2014 – Silver

Manitou ’13 (Meritage)  – Silver

Cabernet Franc ’13 – Bronze

Ice Princess (Iced Wine)  – Bronze


Weeks Later at the 16th annual Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine competition in Kansas City, Missouri, Belhurst wines won four “Merit of American Excellence” awards which are an equivalent to a “Gold” medal in other competitions. Unlike many wine competitions, the Jefferson Cup is not open to any participant willing to pay an entrance fee, but rather the best of the best wineries are culled from wine competition around the county making this competition known as the “Olympics” of wine competitions. Results below.

Jefferson Cup Invitational

Manitou ’13 – Merit of American Excellence

Dry Rose ’14 – Merit of American Excellence

Chardonnay ’14 – Merit of American Excellence

Dry Riesling ’14 - Merit of American Excellence

Belhurst Estate Winery & Gift Shop Manager Kristine Fiorilla was extremely pleased with this years results. “"Extremely proud to pour award winning wines for a living! Thank you American Wine Society and Jefferson Invitational for recognizing Belhurst Estate Winery" says Fiorella.

With a unique winery philosophy, Belhurst Estate Winery includes a committee of experts who carefully seek fruit, vineyards, wine varieties and winemakers who will contribute to the palette of wines sold by Belhurst.  The committee continually collaborates with area winemakers to produce consistently high quality wines, which quickly become Finger Lakes favorites. All Belhurst wines are available for tasting and purchase in the Belhurst Wine & Gift Shop on the shores of Seneca Lake, and for purchase on our website at